Agile Lead, Startup Engineer and Founder

Based in Dublin, Ireland

Shane Devane is Founder, Agile Lead, Developer and Designer. Self-taught with 20+ years experience in software development, 8+ years as a ScrumMaster/PO and currently developing in Java/AWS.


I’ve designed, developed & launched over 12 different startups and side-projects. The most successful of which being Newslinn. A finalist in Google Adopt a Startup 2016 and received funding from Google’s Digital News Initiative €128 million fund.


I’ve had a software engineering career spanning 20+ years. I’ve been true full-stack designer & developer. I’ve developed smartphone apps (react-native), web apps (reactjs, bootstrap), SOA systems (.NET NServiceBus), microservice systems (AWS CodeStar), cloud systems and currently living on JAVA/Python/AWS technologies.

Agile Lead

I’ve been a technical lead for over 12+ years. 8 years as a ScrumMaster, 3 as a PO and currently a qualified Agile Lead. I write on agile and making startup teams AWESOME at Startup Team Labs.


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